Monograms 2016

Different Styles of Monograms


These are the various styles of monogram available to stitch. There will be an alphabet available to choose from, or you could bring a letter from an alphabet that you want to stitch. (Size of letter should be no bigger than 8cm, about 5 or 6cm is usually good depending on design and stitches.)

You may choose your letter on the day, and then transfer the letter onto the fabric, or you could choose beforehand and let the tutor know so that she can transfer the letter before the class. Once a letter has been chosen it becomes easier to choose which stitches will work in which area. As you can see below the stitches will vary in complexity. If you have any queries before the class then contact Embroidery Now and I can check with the tutor.

Embroidery Now will check with you, the weekend before the class, to confirm which letter style you want and if you want the letter transferred onto material.


MonogramB  MonogramD 
 MonogramK MonogramM 
 MonogramP MonogramR